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Attorney Fanny Z. Wan received her B.A. in Business Economics and Finance from the University of California, Santa Barbara and her J.D. from Gonzaga School of Law. She was admitted to the California State Bar after graduation and is an active member of the California State Bar. She specializes in consumer bankruptcy and estate planning. With her background in finance and her years in the mortgage industry, she is able to offer insights on the management of personal assets and debts. Prior to opening her own practice, she worked diligently as a member of the largest boutique bankruptcy firm in San Jose. Over the years, she have assisted thousands of Bay Area residence with their financial troubles and helped them to achieve a debt free future.  She is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. 我们讲中文!



The goal of our firm is to help you with your needs. We strive to have a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients, and we are here to help you to make your life easier and hassle free. We understand the busy working hours of our modern global economy, and the need to juggle your schedules between work and family, which is why we offer appointments on weeks and non-regular business hours. We believe our clients are our friends and we will do our best to help you.  

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