Vehicle Loans


Stop Repossessions

Immediately halt all repossession attempts by filing Chapter 13.  If your car has already been repossessed, we can still get it back for you as long as it has not been sold by the lender. 

Reduce Your Vehicle Loan Interest

Is you car loan interest rate more than 6%? By paying for your vehicle loan in the Chapter 13, you have the chance to reduce the interest rate on your vehicle loan to a more reasonable rate, generally around 4 - 6%. 

Reduce Your Vehicle Loan Balance

Is your car worth less than the balance on your car loan? If you have owned the car for more than 2 and 1/2 years, in a Chapter 13, you can reduce the balance of your car loan and pay only what the car is worth. 

Don't Want The Car Anymore?

Avoid the Pitfall of Deficiency Balance!

If you change your mind about a vehicle or if you purchased a lemon and now is stuck with the loan, you can always walk away from the car loan in a Chapter 7. 

Letting your car get repossessed or doing a voluntary repo and giving it back to the lender is usually a very bad idea.  The lenders sell these cars at the auction for much less than you owe and sue you for the difference.  These are called deficiency claims and they can be huge. 

If you don’t want the car, then it can be rejected in a Chapter 7 and you will owe them nothing. The lender can not come after you for the deficiency claims in a Chapter 7. 

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